About Us...

A Real Estate Management and Holding Company
First Commercial Management Group ("The Group") specializes in managing and operating its own portfolio of real estate holding companies. Based in New York City, the Group invests, owns, and operates properties in the United States, Taiwan, and China. The Group has acquired an impressive real estate portfolio that consists of commercial offices, retail buildings, mixed-use complexes, luxury residential condominiums, and residential buildings.

First Commercial Management was founded in 1992 where the Group specialized in investment grade property acquisitions. During the early to mid 1990's real estate downturn, the Group aggressively mobilized its professionals and capital in New York City. The Group has acquired and sold an impressive array of properties since its inception.

First Commercial Management today focuses on managing and operating its real estate portfolio of holding companies and the real estate holdings of its clients.

Future Goals
The Group continues to invest in all sectors of the real estate market that has the potential to increase investor value. The Group will continue to focus and expand in the United States, Taiwan, and China. In the next few years, the Group plans to further increase its investments in China.

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